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Must I be in Israel to take out a loan ?

No. There are several ways to secure a loan from the United States. Power of attorney and other such paperwork may be completed at the Israeli consulate or with a locally registered notary.

How long does it take for my loan to process ?

In a simple case, funds may be disbursed in as little as two weeks’ time. Most loans are processed in 2-6 weeks.

What can I expect will be the size of the loan provided ?

Israeli citizens purchasing their first property qualify for up to 75% financing, and up to 50% financing on each additional property. Non-Israeli citizens qualify for up to 50% financing.

What factors are considered for a mortgage loan rate and approval ?

Typically, the mortgage rate is based on a payment to net income ratio. However, it is possible to qualify for other rates. This depends of variables such as liquidity, asset valuation, and others. Ask your representative for more information.

Will taking out a mortgage in Israel affect my credit in the United States ?

No. Credit bureaus in the United States do not collect information on mortgages and other credit extended in Israel. However, your credit score in America will be considered as a part of your mortgage loan application in Israel.

Can I go to my local branch of an Israeli bank to take out a loan in Israel ?

No. Branches of Israeli banks located in the United States are often separate entities from their counterparts in Israel.

What is refinancing a mortgage loan ?

Refinancing a loan means renegotiating the terms of your original mortgage loan. We offer a range of refinancing options, from reducing your monthly payments to consolidating your outstanding debt. These options will allow you to restructure your debt into a more manageable portfolio. We will provide a complimentary assessment of your mortgage refinancing options upon receipt of the necessary paperwork.

What does it mean to make an early payoff of a mortgage loan ?

The early payoff of a mortgage loan allows you to bring your loan to term at an earlier date than initially set in the terms of the loan. This is an end-stage of the loan process. Typically, there may be fees associated with the early repayment of a mortgage loan. Such penalties apply fixed-rate mortgages only, not variable. We will provide a complimentary assessment of your mortgage redemption options upon receipt of the necessary paperwork.

Is my mortgage in Israel tax deductible ?

Mortgage interest is not currently tax deductible for Israeli citizens investing in Israeli property. However, mortgage interest paid on a home in Israel may be itemized as a Schedule A deduction on US taxes.

Are fixed-rate loans available ?

Yes. Fixed-rate loans are available in several currencies, including the dollar, shekel, and euro. The availability and rates of such loans in currencies other than the shekel vary from bank to bank.