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We provide for our clients a comprehensive range of services related to mortgage loans and credit. These services include, but are not limited to: obtaining credit redemption on an existing loan, providing a variety of options for credit and loan terms in foreign currencies, and personal service tailored to your individual needs through the term of your loan. In fact, we provide a service that responds to the growing demand to bring funds overseas to invest them in Israeli real estate. MASHKENTA can help you reduce costs associated with foreign currency exchange. This is just one of the tailored solutions we offer for situations legal, financial, and personal.

Mortgage Payoff Plan

MASHKENTA will work with you to negotiate the most beneficial terms for a mortgage payoff process.

Financial Benefit

MASHKENTA has created a comprehensive toolkit that enables its customers wishing to purchase property in Israel to borrow safely and save the most over the term of their loan.

Full-Service Experience

MASHKENTA provides individually-tailored solutions for matters legal, financial and personal. We will be with you from the initial application through the term of your loan.

Market Knowledge

MASHKENTA has 10+ years of experience in the Israeli real estate market, allowing us to connect you with the most advantageous rates available.

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